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Cheese cupcake was all the rage in the 80's and everyone was making as well as buying them. It has all the flavours that Filipinos like: cheese, butter and condensed milk. Although it is called cheese cupcake, the only cheese in it is the grated cheddar on the top. 

I remember the first time I made this cupcake. It was with some friends from home who regularly cook for fun. I have kept my recipe of this cake but have only used it a twice. It had similar ingredients as this recipe and although the taste is also similar, the texture is a bit dense and heavy.

When I saw this recipe for vanilla condensed milk cake, I was instantly interested. I had a feeling that it would make a good base for cheese cupcake. I added cream cheese just to make my point that it is a cheese cupcake and reduced the amount of vanilla just so the cheese in the recipe would be the evident taste. It turned out better than expected. The crumb was moist and tender with a crusty, cheesy top. Although it is a retro recipe, it had a sweet and salty combo that is so now. How I wish my friends were here to share this cupcake over coffee and chit chat.

Recipe adapted from Pizzarosa's Vanilla Condensed Milk Cake.


(for a dozen cupcakes)

1 1/3 c. plain flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
225 gms. butter, room temperature
1/2 c. sugar
3 large eggs, room temperature
1/2 c. cream cheese
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3/4 c. sweetened condensed milk
1 c. grated mature cheddar cheese


Preheat the oven to 350° F/ 175° C.

Whisk the flour, salt and baking powder together.
Cream the butter and the sugar together until light and fluffy.

Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Add in the cream cheese, condensed milk and vanilla and mix until combined.

Lastly add in the flour and gently blend in until combined.

Using an ice cream scoop, fill lined cupcake or muffin tins. Do not overfill the paper cases. Top each with 1 tbsp. of grated cheese.

Bake for 20 minutes or until the tops are browned and a cake tester comes out clean.

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  1. Yay, Yay, Yay (I am now raising my two hands up with a big smile on my face!!). I have never won anything participating in the websites and I am thrilled being announced as the Winner! Thank you thank you thank you Adora! These cheese cupcakes looks so beautifully baked....I like the grated cheese topping. It must be delicious; soft and moise...will bookmarked it. Thank you Adora once again!

    1. Congratulations Mel! I hope you enjoy using it. I have sent you the details for redeeming yours prize via e-mail.

    2. Congratulations Mel!

      Adora, I am very impressed with both your cupcake and handwriting. They are both beautiful!

    3. Adora
      Yes I have received your email already and given you a reply as I had some difficulties after keying in some particulars. They have requested me to filled in some other details for billing purposes. I do not know whether should I go ahead to fill that in else it could prompt for an error later on and it could bill me instead.

    4. I have sent you a reply via e-mail, Mel.

  2. I've never heard of these so thank you for sharing. They are perfect and love the combination.

    1. You're welcome, Nancy. I hope you try out this easy recipe.

  3. Oh my what delish cheese cupcakes! I don't care what era they're from, they are just so darn good! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Adora!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! They are from a bygone era and has a lot memories attached. Maybe that's why I like them.

  4. what a cool recipe! i absolutely love filipino food! can't wait to try this...

    1. I'm glad that you love filipino food. I hope you try making these cupcakes because it has the sort of taste that we Filipinos love.

  5. I'm not at all familiar with cheese cupcakes, but between the pictures and the recipe, I'm craving at least one of these if not a whole batch of them. Thanks for sharing this GREAT recipe!

    1. Thanks MJ. These cupcakes are quick and easy to make. If you happen to finish the whole batch, just make another.


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