I am an old fashioned cook. I fashion new concoctions from old recipes.

Living in London has exposed me to a lot of cultures which has influenced the way I live, cook and eat. Food is probably the aspect of culture that is most easily embraced. I find it so interesting to learn about the cuisines of different countries and to adapt them to the way I cook at home.

My name is Adora. My children and I live in London. I am not a professional chef nor baker. I am just a full pledged home cook who caters to my family's avid love of food.

I was born and raised in the Philippines in the age when cooking was also an indulgent pastime. In those days, girls had to be trained to be perfect home makers. A lot of recipes I know now has been learned, firsthand from my mother and grandmother who were both excellent cooks.

I began this blog to collect my recipes in one space. I find that a lot of recipes are forgotten because they are neither written down nor shared. Some recipes, if shared, are mere descriptions of the ingredients and process. The words "to taste" are often used as a measure of ingredients. Through this blog, I aim to document my recipes as I cook and share them in a way that is easily approachable by a home cook like me.

Cooking is my channel for creativity. Recipes are there not only to follow but also to inspire us to make new creations. Although I like traditional recipes, I always think of new twists to make them more interesting.

I like to present the food as I would serve them at home and hope that the readers can imagine how they taste.

Adora's Box is a collection of the recipes that I have learned, adapted or created. Sharing my recipes is my way of sharing my food. I hope you do try to follow my recipes and let your family and friends enjoy my food.

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