Thursday 24 January 2013


Dipping sauces are an integral part of Asian food. A simple, basic dish can be made spectacular by the sauce it is served with. 

Although some sauces go with specific dishes, there are sauces that are universal. They go with anything. One of the popular all around food perkers is chilli oil. When you get used to having chilli oil with your food, you can't go without it, no matter what you eat.

There is absolutely no need to spend an extra cent to buy chilli oil. This instant mixture, with the added bonus of fresh garlic, takes minutes if not seconds to make and might make you ditch your favourite brand. Because you are the one making it, you can tailor the heat to your preference. 

This condiment can sit happily outside the fridge for a week or two. When freshly made, the garlic has a more robust taste and provides another level of heat and pungency. As it sits, the garlic flavour mellows but just  a little bit. The chilli intensifies in flavour and taints the oil red. It is not just good as a condiment but can also be added to stir fries, sauces or stews. I always have a batch near my cooker and tend to use it on anything that needs perking up. The result is instantaneous.


3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 tbsp. of dried red chilli flakes 
3 tbsps. of oil ( such as sunflower or vegetable )
1/2 tsp. of salt


Mix all of the ingredients together. Store in a clean jar. Makes about 1/4 c. 

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